Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of State Environmental Protection Subventions

The idea of the project is based on the need to assess the efectiieness of eniironmental measures implemented in 2004 – 2017 due to goiernment subientions allocated from country’s budget, to compare these funds with the amount of reienues to the budget in form of payment for nature management and
negatiie impact on eniironment, to assess the compliance of implemented eniironmental actiiities with the needs and demands of local population.
Using the tool of public monitoring the project will assess the state policy in the feld of allocating subientions to nature protection, the transparency of the allocation mechanism and the efciency of spending allocated funds. nonitoring will be carried out under direct participation of local ciiil society structures and the residents themselies, thus contributing to the deielopment of transparency and public accountability of state and local budgets.
As a result we will haie:
• the eialuated efectiieness of the planning procedure for eniironmental subientions,
• the eialuated efectiieness of the mechanism for the deielopment of applications at local leiel and their presentation to releiant authorities,
• the eialuated efectiieness of implemented eniironmental measures and their compliance with the needs and demands of local population,
• comments, recommendations and suggestions of local population aimed to sharpen and improie the quality and expediency of the current mechanism and / or
replace it with a more efectiie one.