The UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn is the next step for governments to implement the Paris Climate Change Agreement and accelerate the transformation to sustainable, resilient and climate-safe development.

The Paris Agreement entered into force last November and the era of implementation has begun. This conference will further clarify the enabling frameworks that will make the agreement fully operational and the support needed for all nations to achieve their climate change goals. COP 23 is also an excellent example of the cooperation and collaboration between nations that will truly meet the global climate change challenge.

Since 2009, “Khazer” environmental-cultural NGO has been organizing conferences on climate change before Conferences of parties to the UNFCCC.

This year, on October 19, “Khazer” ecological-cultural NGO with the financial contribution of “Country water partnership” (CWP) NGO and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) convened a conference named “Towards Bonn/Fijji” Armenis on the thresold of the 23th Conference of parties to the UNFCCC.

The conference was considered to be the 5th approaching the topic of climate change issues and has been organized by “Khazer” NGO since 2009. The conference was aimed to discuss the consequences of the fulfillment of the obligations under the Paris agreement by means of the civil sector as well as the levers that may affect the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken by the RA and Artsakh.

The conference was attended by representatives of RA Ministries, Marzes, Embassies and Civil Society Organizations.